Star pattern program by interview preparation
Star pattern program by

Preparing for an upcoming interview? Look no further! Whether it’s star pattern in interview, pyramid, or pattern programs, can help you understand the logic behind them. checkout our other Pyramid and Pattern programs or if you want to explore more then you can find other pattern programs in internet.

Why Pattern Program

In today’s AI-driven landscape, organizations value individuals who excel in rapid and efficient problem-solving. During interviews, candidates are often evaluated based on their ability to develop quick logic. This is frequently assessed through pattern programming tasks, such as creating star and pyramid patterns. These exercises gauge a candidate’s approach to problem-solving, as well as their execution time and memory usage.

Understand Star Pattern Program

star pattern program by interview preparation

Could you please describe the pattern program shown in the image above? If you have an understanding or approach for achieving this pattern in a program, feel free to comment it so others can verify it against their pattern logic.

Assuming you’ve determined that using looping pattern programs is necessary to solve this problem, am I correct? This question typically arises at the beginner level in interviews.

Check Below Animation How star pattern program work

Start Pattern Program By

Logic Behind Star Pattern Program

As we’ve deduced that employing looping patterns is essential to solve this pattern program, star pattern in interview divulges the core logic behind star pattern program.

Step 1 :

Write a loop to display asterisks (*) five times, with each asterisk starting on a new line.

Examine the output of your program, and you’ll notice that we’ve successfully displayed the first column of the right half pyramid pattern.

Step 2 :

Now, consider how to create a row of stars. It’s simple; just remove the newline operator from the star display, and your code will look like this.

Step 3 :

You might wonder how to display both rows and columns together, indicating progress towards solving this problem.

To display rows and columns together, you need to add another loop to incorporate row elements into each column. Simply insert another loop into your pattern program and display the same star without using the newline operator. See the code below for clarification.

You can observe that we’ve successfully created a column with multiple stars in each new row.

Step 4 :

Now, for creating columns, consider how you accomplished this in step one. You used the newline character to display each column, correct? Apply the same approach in your code by adding a line to display the newline character within your first loop. See the code below for clarification.

From the output, you observe that the first loop displays your columns, while the nested loop is responsible for your rows.

Summarizing the Star Pattern Program

In this article has been implemented a star pattern program using the aforementioned simple steps. I trust you’ve grasped the logic; if not, here’s a summary: displaying this star pattern revolves around showing rows and columns. Your initial for loop is accountable for columns, while the nested for loop manages rows. To distinguish between rows and columns, utilize the newline operator

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